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The JCOC program is administered by the Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) Community and Public Outreach Office.

Dana White
Dana W. White
Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs

Amber Smith
Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Outreach


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For additional information about JCOC contact:
Ms. Caroline D. Wilson
JCOC Program Manager
(703) 695-2036

1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, D.C.  20301-1400

Department of the Army

Major Selwyn Johnson
Community Relations Officer
(703) 697-5716

United States Marine Corps

Major Lauren Schulz
Public Affairs Officer
(845) 500-8272

Department of the Navy

Mr. Robert Newell
Director, Navy Outreach
(703) 614-1879

Department of the Air Force

Mr. Todd Fleming
Branch Chief, Integration
(703) 695-9776

National Guard Bureau

Ms. Michelle Hall
Civic Engagement Officer
(703) 604-8457

United States Coast Guard

Mr. Joshua Buck
Director, Community Relations
(202) 372-4609